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Cathy and Javier Bustos are certified in Law Enforcement Peer Support. Throughout their careers they have experienced many critical Incidents separately and together. On August 18th, 2010 they experienced the trauma of a line of duty death for a fellow officer and friend at Cathy’s police department in Cedar Park, TX. A month later on September 25th, 2010, Javier was in an Officer Involved Shooting in Austin, TX. Cathy & Javier were thrust into a new and changed world. They had to adjust their lives for the “new normal”. It is important officers get help in the early days after a critical incident. The days of the macho “shaking it off” are in the past. With a combined 45 years of law enforcement experience their mission is to help other officers and their families deal with the stress of Critical Incidents. They serve as Peer Support Team members at the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX for quarterly Post Critical Incident Seminars. They volunteer at National Police Week in Washington, DC  as support services. They are certified Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructors. They write articles for law enforcement publications. They appeared in the documentary "Officer Involved"

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"A First Responder Marriage - Surviving Critical Incidents"  

Multiple critical incidents during their careers as officers and spouses tested them professionally and personally. They share their personal story.

ICISF Certified Instructor


Cathy is an International Critical Incident Stress Foundation approved Instructor for group crisis intervention. 

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